4 Fun Things do With Your Old Electronics

by NextWorth on June 7, 2012

iPods. Cell phones. Digital cameras. Tablets. E-readers. Calculators. Laptops.

More likely than not, you have one (or more) of those gadgets, which you no longer use, laying around your house. Since you’re no longer using them, it’s probably time to let them go. And, lucky for you, getting rid of old electronics can actually be pretty fun!

Don’t believe us? Well then check out these 4 Fun Things to do With Your Old Electronics:

Use Your Old Laptop as a Photo Frame
With just a few tweaks, you can easily turn your old laptop into a digital photo frame. TechRadar gives step-by-step instructions on doing so. Now, instead of letting that laptop collect dust, it can display photos from last summer’s family vacation!

Turn Your Old Cell Phone into a Remote Control

fun things to do with old electronics

Photo Credit: www.visitshoremagazine.com

Pretty much all cell phones anymore are Bluetooth-capable. So with just a bit of tech-savvy (AKA Google), you can turn that Bluetooth cell phone into a remote control for other Bluetooth devices, including your laptop, a Bluetooth sound system or even another cell phone.

Keep Your Old Smartphone as an “Outdoor” MP3 Player
Pretty much every smartphone out there has the ability to play MP3 files. Keep your old phone loaded with songs, and use it as an “outdoor” or “all-purpose” music player. This could be when you’re doing any rigorous activity that present danger to your music player—biking, rock climbing or any water-related activities, for example.

Get Cash for Your Old Electronics
If you prefer a reward for your old electronics (other than new DIY-additions to your home) then you can sell your gadgets to a company like NextWorth. We buy your gadgets—and send you cash or gift cards to spend on anything you want!

If you have questions about selling your old electronics to us, leave a comment below – we’re happy to answer them!

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